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This is one of Shammy’s most loyal clients. He comes to our shop at least twice a month to get our Silver Package. This customer has been coming to us for the last 6 years and loves to bring in his new cars regularly for the Shammy treatment. His cars are always in good condition and his latest car is a 2016 Chevy Corvette.

Service Done

He always chooses our Silver Package because of the type of cars he drives. Since this car is brand new, it may seem like less work needs to be done. Depending how often owners use their car, more time must be spent on the right detailing. We took extra care of the Corvette by using the best soaps, waxes, tire dressings and microfiber towels leaving the car sleek and streakless.


This client is very happy with our service and he has referred us many other clients. He always chooses Shammy’s Auto for the highest level of service and he is very comfortable leaving his high-end car with our professional team. Even our simplest service makes his car looks like new.

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Shammy's Auto

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