Shammy’s Auto received a call one day for detailing a Jeep Wrangler. As usual, we booked the vehicle for service and took down the information. It happened to be Paul Lafrance’s assistant. Paul is the host of Disaster Decks, Deck Out and Deck Wars on HGTV. He is the creator, owner and CEO of Cutting Edge Construction and Design.

Service Done

Paul’s Wrangler was in bad shape when it was brought in. Since Paul regularly loads lumber and other construction materials in his Jeep,  lots of dust and debris was left over.

When dealing with vehicles used on construction sites, we make sure to take extra care because those work loads can damage not only the inside of car but the floor boards and vinyl as well. We recommended the Platinum Package on his Jeep Wrangler.


After the service was done, we called Paul’s assistant to pickup the vehicle. Surprisingly, Paul himself showed up. Initially, we didn’t realize this, but after a few minutes it occurred to us that it was him in the flesh.

Paul was ecstatic when he saw his Jeep Wrangler and praised Shammy for his incredible work. He said, “I have not seen my Jeep this clean since I bought it”. These are the words of satisfaction we love to hear from our clients.

He was nice enough to take a few photos with Shammy and his Jeep Wrangler. Paul we would love to see you again and we are big fan of your show as well!

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