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Car dealerships in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) regularly choose Shammy’s Auto because of our professional staff, competitive pricing, on-time delivery and service excellence.


At Shammy’s Auto Detailing Inc, we make sure that our products and services are always of the highest quality. We have a large and consistent client base from all over the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) because they understand the love and passion we put into vehicles.









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Paul was ecstatic when he saw his Jeep Wrangler and praised Shammy for his incredible work. He said, “I have not seen my Jeep this clean since I bought it”. These are the words of satisfaction we love to hear from our clients.

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Paul Lafrance Paul Lafrance Design & HGTV's Decked Out

"I had the full tint all around the car. The experience was really well. The car I got it back in perfect condition, exactly how I wanted. You guys were able to explain to me the different types of tints that you do. I had the 20% done all around it. Which is exactly what I wanted, it’s dark but this is exactly how I wanted. I am really happy with it. Thank you again for the great service."

Deep Patel

My overall experience with Shammy's Auto was wonderful, top of the line service. Very business like. My car was looking better than brand new when I first bought the car. Overall experience 10 out of 10. I will definitely recommend Shammy to my family and friends.

Gary Jamieson

Absolutely fantastic service. My car was recently cleaned by Shammy auto, prices were great and my car looks brand new. We were looking for a detailing shop that could handle a spilled milk accident in the truck. Needless to say the car now looks\smells great. It really felt like the first day we picked it up from Mazda, maybe better. You can’t go wrong with these guys, their attention to detail is outstanding. I’ll be back with our second vehicle very soon. Shammy cares about your car!

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Julius G

Brought in my 2011 Sierra. I am very happy with there work. I’m working way to much to take care of my girl salt build up was sad. Now it feels like I just picked it up new. I recommend the platinum package. Again very happy.

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Roland Gauthier

Shammy’s is absolutely the best detailing place hands down! I was referred to them from Da Silva mustang. I used to buy the Groupon auto detailing coupons but as they say “you get want you pay for”. At Shammy’s, My car comes out looking like I just bought from dealership. The staff are extremely friendly always offering you refreshments. If you choose to wait for your car they have a very clean waiting room with TV, WiFi and lots of reading material. Give them a shot you will not be disappointed.

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Colin Vale

Had my Range cleaned and tinted a little while ago and the staff was amazing as well at the work was incredible. My truck came out looking like it did when I first got it and the tint was top notch. Clean job I am soo happy with their work Now my truck looks classy and protects me from the sun when I drive. I will only use them and I recommend them to every one I know for the cleaning and tint. Thanks guys great work keep it up.

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Website User

I had my 2013 Hyundai Tucson detailed at Shammy’s, it came out looking better than when I bought it from the dealership, I will be getting other services from them, the staff are very friendly and their pricing is very good!

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Brenda Smith

Good morning Mr. Shammy My name is Margaret. I Got my Mazda 6 detailed a few weeks ago at your place, I want to say how very happy I am with the job! I would always recommend your name! Keep up the great work. Your brother gave me a discount, please tell him how much that meant to me. Thanks again!

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I have had several services done to my car at Shammy’s Auto, from complete detailing, window tinting, rustproofing and even a remote car starter installed. The staff at Shammy’s are always accommodating and go above and beyond to assist me. I am super satisfied and very appreciative!!! Shammy’s Auto provides a fantabulous *5-Star* service!!!

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Thank you Lynda and the team at Shammy’s Auto. The headlights on my G35 were yellow in colour and hardly drove the car at night in poorly light roads. The reception was great and within 20 minutes, it looked like I had bought new headlights. I am confident to drive at night again. Great team you have there and I will recommend my friends to visit your shop.

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Thom Mambe

I brought my 2014 Chevrolet Impala LTZ in this morning for your “Silver Package”. When I left just 45 minutes later my car looked like it was brand new. I am extremely happy with the job I received and was pleasantly surprised at the low cost. You can be sure that I will be back in the future. Many thanks.

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Don Heggie

These guys do an exceptional and thorough job. Every inch of my car has been cleaned inside and out. I don’t even know how they got all of the brake dust off of my rims. They look brand new! The value and service is excellent. They address any concerns you might have. My mom has never gotten her car detailed in over 10 years and it now looks brand new! Thank you guys 🙂

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Shalini Do Seenu

The customer service was a perfect 10, very accommodating, workmanship and attention to detail surpassed my expectations. They also did more than I asked for, which was they wiped up my engine which was a nice surprise, Shammy’s Employee took me to the Go Station and when I arrived back in the evening they were waiting for me to take me to my car. I would recommend this Detailing Business to everyone as they answered all my questions and was very welcoming.

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Michael Ram

I had my car tinted and detailed last September and I must say the tints are still in excellent condition and I will be back for another detail. I have and will continue to refer my friends and family. The price is right and the service is great. I am one of many satisfied customers. Thank you!

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Francine McLeod

Wow I was impressed I never expected my truck to look as good as they did it! These guys made my 08 Toyota Tacoma like new inside and out. These guys even got all the salt stains out and it really shows they went the extra mile and take pride in their work. Exactly as quoted and worth every penny 🙂

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Frogworth Kissen

This is a very professional Detailing Shop. I have a Acura MDX from 2007. with the hockey season in full swing we drive from arena to arena in this car. The kids are kids the drop all kinds of things in the back and the carpet in the back gets dirty from all the slush in the winter. I booked the car in, this passed weekend. You have to leave the car with them if you want the complete package. These guys are busy so I would suggest to book in advance. I’ve took the car to other Detail Shops in Durham and they all rush thru the job and the car shows this. Let me tell you something…when I picked up the car I thought was a different car…all the salt that was dried up inside was gone and the car was shining like NEW. It even smelled like that new car smell.. LOL. 2 days later and the car still sparkle. The whole experience was very pleasant , no hiccups and the price was right. No hidden fees or surprises.

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Mircea Groza

Exceptional! We had our 2012 Honda Crossover detailed at Shammy’s on May 9/16. I examined it closely at home and was amazed at the quality of workmanship and attention to detail. Winter salt gone from the carpeting, not a speck of dust anywhere and the vehicle was restored to showroom condition. You could even eat off the engine! My appreciation is extended to the team at Shammy’s. You made my wife very happy. After all she is the one who drives it.

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Robert Bekkevold

WOW was the words I used when I pick up my 2011 Avalanche truck. My daughter drop me of to pick it up and she said dad did you buy new rims I said no they clean them. The detail was like a new truck. Also the lady who works front desk (Lynda) was very helpful. Was using another detail shop before NOT EVEN CLOSE to the job Shammy’s did. Took my truck in to trade it got top dollar. *5+ star for sure.

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Gary Y


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