Why Shammy’s Auto?

At Shammy’s Auto Detailing Inc., we make sure that our products and services are always of the highest quality. We have a large and consistent client base from all over the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) because they understand the love and passion we put into vehicles.

What Makes Us Different?

  • Highly trained and qualified staff
  • Leading edge equipment and polishers
  • Professional tools in automobile spa and styling
  • Utilizing the best chemical processes
  • Always investing in new technology
  • New research and development to always improve the detailing process
  • Our tint and PPF (Paint Protection Film) is manufactured in the USA

Shuttle Service

We provide free shuttle service to our customers. Always have that peace of mind that we can take you to and from work while your vehicle is at Shammy’s.

Reception Area

Unlike other shops where you feel uncomfortable by the smell and noises, our reception and lounge are separate from the detailing area.

Comfortable Waiting Lounge With High Speed WiFi

Stay connected to work, friends and family with high speed internet. Enjoy a relaxed atmosphere at Shammy’s Auto.

Dedicated Service Bays

At Shammy’s Auto, we believe by having dedicated service bays gives us control of the surrounding environment to perform your vehicle’s service. Therefore, our services do not overlap in the same bay. This is why the quality of our professionalism is second to none.

Wash Bay

Our self contained prep area is equipped with high pressured washing, automatic chemical dispensing tools as well as high intensity lighting and drainage systems. This is the first step of the process before your vehicle is moved to our polishing bay.

Window Tinting and Paint Protection Film Facility

This area is a completely separate building from wash and detailing bays because:

  • Reduced airborne contaminants
  • High ceilings with simulated natural lighting
  • Climate controlled environment
  • State of the art shop flooring for reduced dust
  • All vehicles are washed prior to entering the tint area

Call us at 905-831-2444 to get that fresh new car feel.