Should you be Rust Proofing Your Cars in Canada?

Should you be Rust Proofing Your Cars in Canada?

While it is true that cars made today are designed to be rust resistant with extended warranties, with the new and unintrusive techniques designed to protect your car’s underbody Rust Proofing is seen by many as safe investment.

What is Rust Proofing?

Rustproofing is the prevention or delay of rusting of iron and steel objects, or the permanent protection against corrosion. Typically the protection is achieved by a process of surface finishing or treatment. Depending on mechanical wear or environmental conditions, the degradation may not be stopped completely, unless the process is periodically repeated.

History of Rust Proofing

Kurt Ziebart, an immigrant of Germany, works out of a small mechanic shop in downtown Detroit and patents rustproofing in 1959. Car body corrosion was a particular problem from the 1950s to the 1980s when car designs gradually converted to monocoque or uni-body construction, replacing a traditional separate chassis frame of thick steel. This new technology relied on shaped body panels and the integrity of the body shell for strength. Unfortunately, the application of corrosion prevention did not keep pace with spread of this new technology.

Types Of Rust Proofing

  1. Electronic module
  2. Tar-based spray
  3. Dripless oil spray
  4. Drip oil spray

When to Rust Proof

How Long To Wait Before Deciding To Rust Proof is based on the new car warranty offered by each car maker. Below we have attached a list of the recommended time frames provided by Canadian car makers. This is based on time from initial purchase.

ManufacturerTerm LimitKM Limit
Acura5 YearsUnlimited KM
Audi12 YearsUnlimited KM
BMW12 YearsUnlimited KM
Buick4 Years80,000 KM
Cadillac4 Years80,000 KM
Chevrolet3 Years60,000 KM
Chrysler5 Years160,000 KM
Dodge5 Years160,000 KM
FIAT5 Years160,000 KM
Ford5 YearsUnlimited KM
GMC3 Years60,000 KM
Honda5 YearsUnlimited KM
Hyundai5 YearsUnlimited KM
Infiniti7 YearsUnlimited KM
Jaguar6 YearsUnlimited KM
Jeep5 Years160,000 KM
Kia5 YearsUnlimited KM
Land Rover6 YearsUnlimited KM
Lexus6 YearsUnlimited KM
Lincoln5 YearsUnlimited KM
Mini12 YearsUnlimited KM
Mazda8 YearsUnlimited KM
Mercedes-Benz5 YearsUnlimited KM
Mitsubishi5 YearsUnlimited KM
Nissan5 YearsUnlimited KM
Porsche12 YearsUnlimited KM
Ram5 YearsUnlimited KM
Scion5 YearsUnlimited KM
Smart5 YearsUnlimited KM
Subaru5 YearsUnlimited KM
Toyota5 YearsUnlimited KM
Volkswagen12 YearsUnlimited KM
Volvo12 YearsUnlimited KM

Source: Manufacturer Websites, exceptions apply to some models.

Rust Proofing Specialists

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