Exterior Spa Treatment

Hand Car Wash

Preparation is the most crucial step in the hand wash process. We first apply a mild soil dissolving agent over the entire vehicle. This allows easy removal of all road grime prior to washing. Similar product is applied to tires and wheels, which will remove all brake dust. After a short stand time, the applied chemicals will react to lift the dirt.

We then use a soap foaming machine to coat the entire vehicle. The technician proceeds to wash the vehicle with a soft cloth ensuring the exterior is clean from top to bottom as small areas are often missed by automatic car washes. We then use high pressure, high volume water to thoroughly rinse the vehicle including wheels and wheel wells.

After drying the vehicle with a synthetic Chamois, we go one step further by using high pressure air to blow the water out of the cracks in the vehicle. This ensures no water stains are visible when your car is washed.

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    Pictorial Hand Car Wash Process

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