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Dash Camera

A dash camera is a recording device which captures the activities at the front and the rear of the vehicle. This device records in full HD and is well suited for commercial and personal vehicles. The camera provides the date and time on screen for video evidence in case of an accident. At Shammy’s we only carry state-of-the-art cameras.

Compustar Dash Cam installed at Shammy’s

Compustar Dash Cam installed at Shammy’s

Recording Coverage of Dash Cam

Recording Coverage of Dash Cam

Compustar Dash Overview – Innovating Vehicle Security

Compustar DASH is a High-Definition Dual Dash Cam that records the video and audio of activity surrounding your vehicle. The system includes two 720p cameras that can be installed at the front and rear of your vehicle.

Once installed, Compustar DASH adds 24/7/365 surveillance and motion detection around your vehicle, keeping your vehicle safe and keeping you informed.

Compustar DASH is perfect for all applications, as it works as

  • theft-deterrent
  • surveillance device
  • invaluable asset in the event of a car accident

Compustar DASH puts your vehicle and your safety in focus.

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    Key Features of Compustar DASH


    • While Ignition is on, DASH constantly records activity.
    • Regular driving activity will be recorded over previous footage as the allotted space on the storage card is used

    If vehicle detects impact, DASH will record an EVENT.

    • EVENTs are stored separately from driving activity
    • EVENT recordings include footage from 20 seconds before and after the impact was detected

    EVENT’s can be triggered manually by pressing the record button

    DASH cam Driving Mode

    DASH cam Driving Mode

    DASH cam Parking Mode


    While ignition is off, DASH enters parking mode.

    If vehicle detects impact, DASH will record an EVENT.

    • Recorded and stored in the same manner as EVENTs recorded in Driving Mode.

    If either camera detects motion within 20 feet radius, DASH will begin recording an EVENT.

    • Recorded in the same manner as EVENT’s recorded in driving mode, but stored separately.

    24/7/365 SECURITY

    As a final touch of security and for full peace of mind, the Compustar DASH Front Camera has a theft-deterrent LED that surrounds its lens.

    Whenever an event is triggered due to motion or shock, the LED will begin blinking, warding off any threats to your vehicle.

    We at Firstech believe that Compustar DASH is the future of vehicle security, we hope that you would join us for the ride.

    DASH cam 24 hours, 7 days a week security

    One of our many Backup Camera models

    Backup Camera

    The backup camera is essential for seniors and families with children. Many unwanted accidents happen while people are backing up their vehicle on the driveway or in parking lots. This device will give you peace of mind reversing or parallel parking.

    Backup Sensors Kit installed at Shammy’s Auto

    Backup Sensors Kit installed at Shammy’s Auto

    Backup Sensors

    Backup sensors help you reverse your car safely through narrow garages or parking spots. With the backup camera in place, this is an additional safety measure to ensure blind spots are eliminated and the chance of an accident are reduced. It also alerts you when you are within 6″ of an object which increases your reaction time.

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