Professional Auto Detailing Is a Winter Must in Canada: Here are 5 Reasons Why

Many people in the Pickering area get their cars detailed once or twice a year. 

But while it’s customary for vehicle owners to book car detailing appointments in the spring, summer, or fall, it’s also important to do so in the winter.

Considering what your vehicle has to contend with on the roads during bone-chilling Ontario winters, professional auto detailing makes sense.

Here’s a look at 5 reasons why professional auto detailing is a must if you’re a car owner living or working in or around Pickering.

1. Professional Auto Detailing Eradicates Salt

Road salt is corrosive and can damage the interior and exterior of your vehicle. Salt build-up on the floor mats and upholstery of your car might be unsightly. But the problem isn’t limited to aesthetics.

It can lead to costly damage inside your car, sure. But road salt can also damage your car’s muffler, exhaust, hydraulic brake system, and more.

Booking a professional detailing appointment can nip any problems in the bud. The road salt will be removed before it has a chance to cause major problems.

2. Protect Exterior Paint

Another reason to get car detailing done is that it will help to protect your car’s paint job. Road salt can cause rust to materialize under your car’s paint. This can lead to bubbling and then cause full-blown rust.

A professional service provider will clean off the road salt and use wax products to add a layer of paint protection against salt and dirt.

3. Safeguard Your Investment

Yet another good reason to get car detailing services in the winter is that doing so will help safeguard your investment.

If your home is your biggest investment, your car might be number two on the list. It’s important that you invest in repairs and maintenance, and being proactive can help to ward off more serious issues down the proverbial road.

Getting your car detailed will keep your car looking great. Keeping rust at bay, moreover, will help to keep your vehicle in good repair. Whether you hold onto your car for the long term or you go on to sell it, your car will be worth more.

4. Reduce Exposure to UV Rays

Many people associate UV rays with springtime and summertime. But you need to be wary about UV rays year-round. They can wreak havoc on the exterior paint and on the interior materials of your vehicle. 

However, exterior and interior car detailing will give your car a layer of protection from UV rays. Your car’s paint and upholstery will thank you.

5. Look After Your Wheels

Road salt and grimy slush can reduce the aesthetics of your wheels. But when you go in for car detailing services, the staff who work on your car will apply special waxes to protect and beautify your wheels.

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