How to Pick the Right Window Tint For Your Car

Are you looking to get your car windows tinted? You’ve come to the right place.

Having tinted windows is a game-changer, whether you’re looking for a bit more privacy or to reduce the glare while you’re driving. If you’ve never had to tint your own windows before, then you’ll probably be surprised by the number of shading options that you have.

Today, we’re going to discuss how to choose the right window tint for your car. As one of the best Pickering window tinting companies, we’ve got a lot of experience in this department. Keep reading and we’ll have you back on the road with a bit more style and comfort.

Understanding Your Local Tinting Laws

Before you go into any auto shop for a tinting job, it’s important to have an idea of the local laws so that you’re not making your windows too dark. Here in Ontario, there are no specific window tinting laws in place, but it’s recommended that you leave the windshield, as well as the front side windows, untinted. A 30% VLT strip on top is an option, however.

For those in Pickering and the GTA, this leaves you with a lot of wiggle room for the rest of your car’s windows. Let’s take a look at some of the different tinting options and what they provide.

What Different Tints Provide

At Shammy’s Auto, we proudly use SunTek window film. Manufactured in the US, SunTek is one of the top window tinting films on the market, so you know you’re getting the highest quality materials for your car. 

You can choose between SunTek’s ceramic, carbon, or standard charcoal tints. 

SunTek Ceramic

This ceramic tint is the most technologically advanced material offered. It enhances solar performance and infrared reduction while preventing any signal interference with its no metal construction, so you don’t have to worry about your GPS or electronic devices.

It comes in 9 non-reflective darkness levels, so you can select whichever one suits your car’s look and your needs. 

SunTek Carbon

The advanced protection that you get from the carbon tint keeps heat, glare, and 99% of UV rays away so that you have a cooler ride while avoiding the harmful effects of the sun’s rays. As with the ceramic tint, there are no metals used in this film, so your communications will function as normal.

SunTek Standard Pro

Although the standard pro package is the cheapest tinting option, you’re still getting 98% UV protection. This gives you a reduced glare, less heat, and added privacy, all while providing complete optical clarity while you drive.

The Best Window Tinting in Pickering

Getting your car windows tinted by a trusted professional is extremely important. If you live in the GTA, stopping in at Shammy’s Auto for the finest window tinting in Pickering is your best option. We carry a variety of colors and tints that will compliment any vehicle make or model.

Visit our site today to learn more about the tinting process and contact us to book your window tinting appointment.