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It’s not often that a customer sends your business a note that they received a “Thank you!” from Google for posting a review and pictures about your business, letting you know that their review is making a difference! It’s Google’s way to let their collaborators know that they are providing good content in writing and photos on Google reviews and Google Maps.

Shammy’s Auto Detailing provides such an optimum service that our clients love to tell people all about it, taking pride in sharing pictures and posting reviews.

This is one of those times. Our client Mitch Cichy of Pickering, wrote a Google review in December, 2021, about his Lincoln MKX that we serviced. Not only was he happy but what he wrote about us made Google happy too.

Here’s Mitch’s original email:

“You detailed my white Lincoln MKX just before Christmas and did an amazing job…Thank you!

Occasionally, I get an email from Google letting me know how many views I am getting on a review I wrote about your place when you detailed my Jaguar convertible back in 2020. Attached below is the most recent email showing over 10,000 views for the review I posted. I hope this is generating some business for you …the work you have done on all our cars is exceptional and you deserve the credit.

Happy New Year …Mitch Cichy”

Here are the screenshots from Mitch’s email.

When you bring your vehicle to Shammy’s Auto, we take care of all the hard work for you. There are several packages to choose from; from an exterior hand wash to a full detailing package that includes an engine shampoo, high-speed polishing, paint sealant application, minor paint touch-ups, and more!


All our detailing packages include an exterior wash, cleaning the rims, tires, and wheel wells, cleaning the windows inside and out, interior vacuum, and interior wipe down. Choose from one of our pre-made packages or create your own custom package!

Alternatively, to keep your vehicle looking great for longer, you can opt for one of the many protection services we offer!

Book an appointment to return your chariot to its glorious best today!

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