Business Insurance

The first question you ask about an auto detailing company is if their business is insured or not. Your car is a valuable asset and you need to make sure if anything happens to your car it will be covered.

Accidents can happen in the work place, but we make sure your vehicle is always protected by business insurance. This is our assurance to our Shammy’s Auto customers that their vehicle is safe with us. The cost of insurance is included in our packages but it’s a small price to pay for your vehicle’s safety.

Ask for business insurance before handing over your car keys.

Other businesses that offer lower prices encounter problems with accidental damage or loss. In fact, most auto detailing businesses do not even have insurance. Customers are left to fend for themselves when reporting or fixing the damage which was not their fault.

At Shammy’s Auto we take customer service very seriously and making you happy is our number one priority. Should accidental damage occur, we take full responsibility and cooperate with you and your insurance company. Remember, DO NOT hand over your car keys before asking if the business is insured.

So come by today and rest assured, your vehicle is in good hands. It’s time to shine!

– Shammy Bhagaloo (Owner, Shammy’s Auto)

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