Interior Spa Treatment

Interior Shampoo

Everyone loves the feel of a new car. With the tough Canadian weather your car exposed to salt, dust, mold, mildew and odour which eventually gets into your car’s leather, fabric, carpet and all interior panels. At Shammy’s, we have packages available to clean the crap out of your car.

Processes of Shammy’s Auto interior shampoo:

  1. Through mild detergents the entire vehicle’s interior is scrubbed by the use of pneumatic power brushes
  2. This ensures deep cleaning to the core of the material without compromising the quality of it
  3. All instrumentation including knobs, buttons, turn signal switches, seat belts, coffee cup holders, door lock buttons, interior door handles and windows are hand cleaned
  4. Door jambs are power washed and hand detailed
  5. Interior mats, carpet and rubber are shampooed and cleaned
  6. Trunk is shampooed and cleaned
  7. Roof headliner is gently wiped
  8. Any leather and vinyl is specially treated to bring back its original luster
  9. Final inspection is done by our Quality Control Manager
  10. Air fresheners are available by request

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