How long does it take for my vehicle to get detailed?

Depending on the size of the car and its condition, detailing takes approximately 3-4 hours. We recommend you leave the vehicle at Shammy’s for most of the day.

What are the differences in remote car starters?

At Shammy’s, we use quality remote car starters and their pricing varies based on their technical capabilities. A one way starter can only start your car, but a two way car starter will inform you that car has started successfully. A new Drone Mobile remote starter can be activated via mobile device. (Click here to read more)

Why do I need under coating?

Undercoating your vehicle is very important for new cars. This process protects the car’s uni-body structure from all road grind, dirt, water and salt. Click here to read more

What is the difference between rust proofing vs oiling?

Rust proofing is a permanent process for the top and bottom on the vehicle. The top portion of vehicle has a clear coating that is applied to all body seams and sprayed inside body panels. Undercoating is the bottom process of rust proofing. Oiling is an annual application which protects the car’s body from corrosion and rust. Perfect for older cars and trucks which are showing signs of aging. Click here to read more

What is a dash cam?

A dash cam is a recording device which captures the activities of the front and rear of the vehicle. This device will give you peace of mind while driving and even when your car is parked due to motion sensors that activate the dash cam’s recording. Click here to read more

Do I need a backup camera?

The backup camera is essential for seniors and families with children. Many unwanted accidents happen while people are reversing on the driveway or in parking lots. A backup camera eliminates blind spots and decreases the chance of an accident. Click here to read more

What about in car entertainment?

Car entertainment covers music, videos and playing games safely. All components are professionally installed using proper connectors, heat shrink tubes and proper wire gauge to handle the electrical flow and give optimum performance.

What is odour treatment?

This is a process where car stays overnight to rid your car of odour. We use our professional equipment to release bio-degradable mist into the vehicle’s vents, floors, dash, carpet and seats. Click here to read more

What is the difference between car shampoo vs car detailing?

The difference is shampoo is done only inside of the vehicle. Detailing can be generalized as a complete cleaning package inside and out. Click here to read more

Why do I need a remote car starter?

A remote car starter enables you to easily start your car without a key allowing you to warm or cool your vehicle in the winter and summer seasons before you get inside your vehicle. Click here to read more

Why does the service pricing vary on cars?

Size, requirements and work load can affect the pricing. Not all cars are the same, therefore depending on the vehicle’s owner and car’s condition, we provide a proper and fair estimate.

How dark can I go with window tinting?

It depends on your taste, local laws and doctor’s specification due to the customer’s skin sensitivity. We have a variety of choices available to customers before you place the order. You can check our tinting film samples in our reception area before choosing which one is better for your needs. Click here to read more

Can I tint the front windows?

Yes, we can tint front windows with shade of your choice. However, please refer to your local area for any by-law restrictions. Click here to read more

What is the difference between film protection vs paint protection?

Film protection is a clear film that is adhered to body panels to protect against stone chips, bugs or road debris. Paint protection is a paint sealant applied to maintain a shine. Click here to read more

Can I wait while my vehicle is getting work done?

Yes, we have large lounge area for people with HDTV and free WiFi internet for your entertainment. Click here to read more

Do I need an appointment?

Yes, we require an appointment to have your vehicle serviced. Although, we are always available for the emergency situation that may arise so feel free to come in anytime for a free inspection and estimate. Click here to read more

Can I get a ride to my home or work after I drop off my car?

Yes, we have free shuttle service available for local area customers for drop off and pick up. Click here to read more

Is a hand wash better than an automatic wash?

Yes, hand washing is absolutely better than automatic because of the care and detail hand washing provides that machines do not offer. For example, if car is muddy or a stubborn layer of dust on the rims, then hand washing takes care of it. Automatic wash brushes are very hard on the paint and they use strong detergents which can damage your car. Click here to read more

How often do I need my vehicle detailed?

Shammy recommends once a year to maintain the look and feel of your car. Depending on your profession, you may need one of our specialized monthly maintenance packages. Click here to read more

How do I know if my vehicle needs waxing? How long does it last?

Bring in your vehicle for inspection and our specialist will consult with you about advising you on the best package to suits your vehicle’s needs. Waxing will last longer based on the driver’s use of the car. For example, if your car is inside most of the day, your wax will last a long time.

What is the difference between polishing and waxing?

Polishing is a mild compound applied by a machine to remove small imperfections from the paint, creating a deep shine. Waxing is one more step applied by hand after the polishing. Click here to read more

What about paint sealant vs car wax?

Paint sealant is synthetic product and it lasts longer than car wax. Click here to read more

What is clay bar detailing?

Clay bar detailing is a process to level paint, removing any and all contaminants. This treatment is used when you polish your vehicle. Click here to read more

What forms of payment does Shammy’s take?

We accept all major credit cards including Debit, Visa, MasterCard and American Express for our services.

Do we use harsh chemicals in the cleaning process?

At Shammy’s Auto, we only use bio-degradable and antibacterial products, which is completely safe for the environment lessening our carbon footprint. Click here to read more

Do we install 3M Hood Protection?

Yes, we install 3M Hood Protection and other varieties of PPF (Paint Protection Film) which is all computerized cut to fit your vehicle. Click here to read more

FAQ of Drone Mobile

Is DroneMobile compatible with my car/truck?

Yes! For GPS Tracking features, DroneMobile can be added to every vehicle on the road. For remote start and security features, DroneMobile is still compatible with over 90% of vehicles on the road: including manual-transmission, diesel, and select luxury-makes.

Can I add remote start to my manual transmission?

Double Yes! We’ve specially engineered our remote starter to be 100% safe in manual-transmission vehicles.

Why is DroneMobile the best option for remote starting?

You need a remote to control your remote starter, and the best remote is already in your pocket: your smartphone! Your smartphone has unlimited range, a rechargeable battery, and will always receive new features via App Store updates.

Why do I need to pay for a service plan?

The DroneMobile system installed in your car maintains a secure, cellular connection over our carrier’s network. Each system requires a service plan to communicate over that network.

Can I install this myself?

DroneMobile systems can only be activated by authorized, professional DroneMobile Installers. Call Shammy’s Auto for more details on the installation requirements for your vehicle at 905-831-2444.

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